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The Dark Duck's recruitment
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1st Aug 2014

Name: sam

Age: 15

Location: QLD

Aliases: XBL: sam22799----Steam: The_Duckman----Origin: Thedarkdarkduck

What games do you play, and on what platform? Games should be on my profile, but...on pc: Terraria, minecraft, unturned and the sims 3, i'm buying garry's mod soon, and on xbox, bf3 and 4, all halo's, MOH Warfighter, Minecraft, Terraria and Gotham city impostors.

Do you have a mic / headset? Yes but I dunno if it works yet, haven't tried it

Do you have Razercomms? Yes I do

Why do you want to join The Sassy Falcons? Because I'm a freaking loner and i want a clan to play with

If referred, who advised you to sign up? I would say Dominic (shotgunride) but he'd punch me

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2nd Aug 2014

Here you go, to continue with sign up, click this link:

Confirm TSF Recruitment

Thanks for posting

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"If we can hit that bulls-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate"

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